Family Contellations
Therapista Jessica Rovira Jessica Rovira
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Jessica Rovira is a practicing Yogi and yoga instructor trained in both Hatha/Yin/Nidra and Ashtanga Yoga teaching styles. She is a healer, a soul alchemist and therapist of Family & Systemic Constellations. She is also an Akashic Record Practitioner and a Tarot/Oracle card reader. My intention is to walk in the light of my higher self and spread love and compassion to all. I want to share the knowledge that I have gathered through my life's experiences in order to help others heal and walk the spiritual path.

Family Constellations helped me become more empowered in my true nature. I feel much more aligned to my true self by having identified and transcended some of the emotional wounds of mine and my ancestors' past. I wish to use the Family Systemic Constellations to help others bring light to the darker aspects of their souls so they can feel more empowered to walk the path of their true destiny.


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