Family Constellations
Chris Sintic Chris Sintic
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I am a Photographer, Hatha Yoga Instructor, and Family System Facilitator with a passion for connection and community. With a penchant for poetry and the beauty of language, I like to take a gentle approach to any healing process. What begins as conversation between the two of us will quickly bloom into an deep understanding of your current family system. From there I will offer opportunities to interact with and resolve past traumas, current mental limitations that may arise, or any negative habits that continue to manifest in your relationships. This is done through role play, verbalization, and movement. With these tools and more at our disposal, I am dedicated to searching for the root of any given issue and gently massaging them back to health with compassion, empathy, and the intuitive process of Family Constellation Therapy. I offer an open hand and heart to you, so that whenever you are ready to take the first steps toward the rest of your beautiful life, I will be there to guide you.

Background with Constellations:

At the beginning of my own journey with Family Constellations, I was battling with addiction and an inability to connect intimately with those around me. As someone who was fairly closed off and insecure in the past, I quickly began to delve into the roots of the issues as it related to my parents and their parents before. Slowly, but surely, my aversions and negative tendencies revealed themselves to me on a conscious level. I felt less and less obsessive towards my addictions, which opened up so much energy in my life. With this increase in energy I was able to reconnect with friends and family while beginning new relationships based on empathy and compassion.

As an additional side effect to these constellations, my physical injuries began to heal themselves slowly as well, both through my gentle shift in attitude towards my own body as well as my newfound love of the gym. In short, I discovered a deep compassion for my ancestors, which allowed me to love myself fully on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level. With this self love as a base, I now see how much love I can give to those around me. My relationship with both my family and my friends are stronger, deeper, and more expansive than they have ever been before.

Although my journey is far from over, I know that through family constellations therapy, I’ve been able to sow many seeds into the soil that is my heart, and as I continue to water them daily, I can only look forward to the growth and many harvests that are to come.


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